Body Mind Health

TEAM-CBT Training

Case Consultation Group

Monday’s at noon PT / 1 pm MT -- New group starts January 10th

5 sessions = $250 CAD ( no refunds on missed sessions)

Meets for 1 hour.

Dates: Jan 10, 17, 31, Feb 7, Feb 21

Sign up ASAP. Limited spaces.

Open to Therapists or Life coaches with at least Level 1.


Structured but open format. You can bring to group any area you are stuck with a client. I will facilitate the discussion following the TEAM format.

As a TEAM-CBT Level 4 Advanced Therapist & Trainer, this group will provide:

  1. Learn from each other in small group setting. NO more than 6 participants allowed.
  2. Safe place to discuss concerns you have about your practice and clients.
  3. Figure out where you are stuck with a client.
  4. Opportunity to practice tools that will help you get 'unstuck'.
  5. Chance to see how others get through challenging situations.
  6. Opportunity to practice 5 Secrets.
  7. A place to give and get peer support.
  8. Units toward cerification level 2 or 3.


Group Rules/Guidelines:

  • Commit to coming to every session even if you don't have anything to present. Group members are expected to support each other.
  • Keep confidentially of your own clients identity and not repeat anything outside of group.
  • Fill in group surveys every week. Survey link here.
  • Use the Case Consultation Form to help figure out where you are stuck. PDF sample here. Or better yet use the Google Form here.
  • Emails between group members will go through Google Groups. You can access them via your Google Group platform (more directions once you register).

To register for this group fill in this form. (payment due at time of registration, pay below)

NO refunds on missed sessions! This is a small group and subject to a minimum 4 people signing up. Refunds will be issued if group is canceled.

To learn more or join this group contact Angela Poch.