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Is Insomnia Plaguing You?

Free Sleep Assessment & Handout

There is lots of talk about getting a good night's sleep but how do you know if you are getting enough to keep your mind in tip top shape? Find out right now below. NO personal data is collected!

If you are having trouble with insomnia, you'll want to learn more about CBT-I, an effective 6 week program to get you back on track, see video below for details!


CBT-I - one of the most researched programs for insomnia!

It’s a specific program based on years of research from several sleep clinics on how to deal with all kinds of insomnia. It combines working on your feelings, thoughts, and choices to change the maladaptive behaviours that lead to insomnia. It's very effective, about 80% of people who try it find significant relief.

Free handout on CBT-I and other information on sleep - download here.

Free Christian relaxation MP3 for the CBT-I program here. Or Try the Jesus medications by Dr. Jennifer Schwirzer here.

Need help getting started with your stress, anxiety, or something interfering with your sleep or some aspect of mental health? Would you like to take the one-on-one 6 week, 5 part, CBT-I program? Costs $695 (no refunds) or $165 pay as you go. Book a free 20 consultation below with me, a certified CBT-I clinician.