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Self-help Courses & Workshops:

As individually priced, some are free. See catalog page for self help courses. See workshop page for live online or in person workshops.

Counselling & Life Coaching Rates:

Brief therapy is affordable because clients who see me every week and do their homework start to improve within a few sessions. According to the progress reports, I've had clients with a 50% reduction in depression and anxiety during the first session. This isn't surprising because brief therapy in research has been shown to be as effective as traditional long term therapy.1 Full dislosure: this doesn't mean a full cure is available to everyone in just a couple sessions, but that the journey can be off to a quick start.

Double sessions are recommended for faster recovery. In some cases, just 1-4 sessions after intake! Standard CBT counselling is 5 to 20 sessions, weekly or biweekly.2,3 Why such a range? Relationship issues and addictions take longer than depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, and improving mood. Also, clients that are motivated to change and do their homework recover faster.

Emails between sessions for clarification and homework are included free for all weekly and biweekly clients!

Standard Rates:

  • 15min consultation -- free - book now
  • Intake session -- $95 cnd for 90 mins - book and pay now
  • Standard session -- $110 cnd for 60 mins - book and pay now
  • BEST VALUE -- Double session -- $180 cnd for 120 mins - book and pay now
  • SAVE $$ off standard session -- Monthly rate - $350 cnd month for weekly 60 min session (less than $90 per 60min session) - no refunds on missed sessions - pay via PayPal

Discounted Rates (for those with financial difficulties) - you can also work biweekly to make it more affordable.:

  • Low rate intake session -- $60 cnd for 90 min - book and pay now
  • Low rate 45 min session -- $40 cnd for 45 min - book and pay now
  • Low rate 60 min session -- $60 cnd for 60 min - book and pay now
  • Low rate double session -- $90 cnd for 110 min - book and pay now
  • CHEAPEST - Low rate weekly sessions pay monthly -- $175 cnd month for weekly 60 min sessions - no refund for missed sessions, not available for bi-weekly clients. - pay via PayPal.

For payment: I accept credit cards (just use any of the booking links), PayPal (email me and request link), and e-transfers - send to

Cancellation policy: Refunds or rescheduling allowed up to 24 hours before session. No refund on missed sessions!



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