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Positive Steps to Happiness - The Truth Will Set You Free

The outline is listed below. This course will help you get a head start in recovery from painful emotions and negative thinking. You may find it's enough and not even need therapy!!! Many people recover when given the right tools even from a book. See "Feeling Good" by Dr. Burns. Sign up now for limited pre-sale price!


Estimated - will be about 2 hrs
Price: $20 - introductory price

More Details

The outline may change as I am still writing this course. I'm about 75% complete and this course.

Start now with the free ebook download. Also several articles on my blog.

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Course Objectives:

  • Learn how your thinking influences your emotions which control behaviour.
  • Discover how choices trump circumstances.
  • Understand the importance of all emotion, even the 'negative' ones.
  • Find Out Where Anxiety Comes From
  • Get Tools for Healthy Thinking
  • See course outline for more!

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction – What to expect and how to use this course
  2. Can I choose change or am I trapped by circumstances?
  3. What About Past Trauma or Genetics?
  4. Are There Bad Emotions?
  5. Maybe Its Not Worth it
  6. I Feel What I Think
  7. ABC’s of Thought: how thoughts and emotions are formed.
  8. Secrets of Anxiety 3 Keys to Unlock Peace
  9. Distorted Thinking and Untruthful Thoughts
  10. Unconscious Negative Thought Patterns
  11. Rewrite your own script - Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Thinking
  12. How to Get Control Over Your Thoughts
  13. Self-Acceptance vs Self Defense
  14. Beholding Positive Change        
  15. Resist Melancholy Thoughts     
  16. Powerful Positive Thoughts to Prevent Distortions - part 1
  17. Powerful Positive Thoughts to Prevent Distortions - part 2
  18. Finding Real Happiness, Peace & Joy
  19. Summary
  20. Bonus - for Christians and those interested spiritual recovery
  21. Bonus - The Power of Prayer or Active Meditation 
  22. Bonus - What the Bible has to say about Healthy Thinking