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Positive Steps to Happiness - The Truth Will Set You Free

The outline is listed below. This course will help you get a head start in recovery from painful emotions and negative thinking. You may find it's enough and not even need therapy!!! Many people recover when given the right tools even from a book. See "Feeling Good" by Dr. Burns. Sign up now for limited pre-sale price!


Estimated - will be about 2 hrs
Price: $20 - introductory price (regular $49)

More Details

The outline may change as I am still writing this course. I'm about 75% complete and this course should be available by September 15th. Price will increase on once full course is uploaded!

Start now with the free ebook download. Also several articles on my blog.

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Course Objectives:

  • Learn how your thinking influences your emotions which control behaviour.
  • Discover how choices trump circumstances.
  • Understand the importance of all emotion, even the 'negative' ones.
  • Find Out Where Anxiety Comes From
  • Get Tools for Healthy Thinking
  • See course outline for more!

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction – What to expect and how to use this course
  2. Can I choose change or am I trapped by circumstances?
  3. What About Past Trauma or Genetics?
  4. Are There Bad Emotions?
  5. Maybe Its Not Worth it
  6. I Feel What I Think
  7. ABC’s of Thought: how thoughts and emotions are formed.
  8. Secrets of Anxiety 3 Keys to Unlock Peace
  9. Distorted Thinking and Untruthful Thoughts
  10. Unconscious Negative Thought Patterns
  11. Rewrite your own script - Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Thinking
  12. How to Get Control Over Your Thoughts
  13. Self-Acceptance vs Self Defense
  14. Beholding Positive Change        
  15. Resist Melancholy Thoughts     
  16. Powerful Positive Thoughts to Prevent Distortions - part 1
  17. Powerful Positive Thoughts to Prevent Distortions - part 2
  18. Finding Real Happiness, Peace & Joy
  19. Summary
  20. Bonus - for Christians and those interested spiritual recovery
  21. Bonus - The Power of Prayer or Active Meditation 
  22. Bonus - What the Bible has to say about Healthy Thinking