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In His Image - Biology Course

In this series, Terry McComb shows how the creator made our bodies in an amazing way. Discover the 11 body systems that service all the cells in your body. Biology is a wonderful science that teaches us so much about God but we just need to view it from the right perspective. Pastor Terry shows you just how to do that in this amazing course about the body. Aimed at junior high students and their parents this series has something for everyone aged 9 to 99. Lesson one video on the left!


9 hours
Price: $25

More Details

Pastor Terry McComb has worked with Creation Illustrated for the past 15 years and has authored 55 articles. He illustrates all his messages with his black-light chalk paintings accompanied by Jean’s artistry on the piano/keyboard. To contact Pastor McComb, e-mail him at terry@gospelcreation.com

This course was filmed in 2011 but is still factual and relevant today. Done in a lecture format, these videos are long - about 60 minutes or so. Watch in bite size portions if desired. Watch the first one free above!

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about body systems
  • Discover how science supports the Bible
  • Find out healthy choices you can make
  • Fun and easy enough for kids to understand

Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1: The Wonder of the Cell
  • Lesson 2: Nervous System - Ponder the Brain
  • Lesson 3: Skeletal System - Meet Mr Bones
  • Lesson 4: Muscular System - Strength is acquired by effort
  • Lesson 5: Reproductive System - Moral Purity
  • Lesson 6: Circulatory System - Lungs, Heart, and more
  • Lesson 7: Digestive System - Diving into Digestion
  • Lesson 8: Your Five Senses - Wonder of the Senses
  • Lesson 9: Your body rhythms - Clocks of Life