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Healthy Families - Plant-based Cooking, Nutrition & More

This course covers family health goal planning, nutrition, cooking healthy meals, including more veggies in meals, and more. Comes with a PDF cookbook and several cooking demonstrations. We all want our kids to live to their full potential. This course will guide you, step by step, to create a healthier environment for your children. From diet and exercise to self-worth and social skills, find out how you can may your home life a joy.


2.5 hours plus cookbook
Price: $49

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Starting with a foundation of healthy eating and how food affects your children’s mood, this course builds up to teaching your kids to think healthy for themselves and provides healthy plant based recipes for any diet (most are gluten free as well). But this course is about more than just food. With tips on creating a healthy lifestyle learn some easy ways to have a happier family and home life.

Recipes are plant-based, or have vegan options, so that they will accommodate vegan and vegetarians, but the course is intended to used with any diet. With families wanting to eat healthier and include more whole plant foods I've tried to create tasty recipes the whole family will love. Some kids want to eat vegetarian, or maybe one parent is vegan, whatever the case the challenges of creating healthy nutritious meals without making two dinners every night is becoming more and more common. Find out how you can make meal planning benefit everyone and still not have to cook a ten course feast night after night.

What you will be able to after this course:

  • What is healthy eating
  • How to encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables
  • How to cook delicious recipes your kids will eat
  • How to make exercise fun
  • Dealing with the electronic devices and screen time

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to a Healthy Family
  2. Your Example is More Powerful Than Words
  3. Change: Dealing With Resistance
  4. Essential Nutrition for Families  
  5. Nutrients to Give Your Child the BEST Chance for optimal health
  6. Food and Other Allergies             
  7. Mealtimes Are More Than Just Food       
  8. Healthy Kids - Packing In The Nutrients   
  9. Cookbook          
  10. Oatmeal Surprise             
  11. Waffles With More         
  12. Kid-Friendly, Healthy Lunch-boxes             
  13. Hummus, Choosing the Right Bread & More        
  14. Veggie Protein Burgers  
  15. Roasted Veggies              
  16. Taco or Wrap Night or Haystacks             
  17. Marinara Sauce
  18. Cheesy Squash Sauce     
  19. Kale Pesto          
  20. Best Omega 3 Bars         
  21. Black Bean Brownies      
  22. Ice-cream Cake 
  23. Electronics in Balance – Screen Time and Health
  24. Exercise, Activity & Children        
  25. Out of Doors - Nature, Fresh Air, Sunshine            
  26. Self-Worth vs Self-esteem