Mental Health

Self-help for better living

The Truth Will Set You Free

This ebook will help you get a head start in recovery. Explore how your emotions are connected to your thoughts. Learn how you can soothe painful emotions with self-help techniques.

You may find self-help is enough and not even need one-on-one therapy, so give some of the resources below a try!


More FREE Resources...

I am working on a couple new video courses, one will be "Positive Steps to Happiness" for the general population and "Healthy Christian Thinking" aimed at those with faith in a Creator God, such as Christians.

team trainingDownload "CBT & the Bible" from the "Healthy Christian Thinking" course coming soon!

team trainingCheck out my YouTube Channel, PsychologyMadePractical.

team trainingRead articles on mental health and dealing with life on my blog.

team trainingPodcast on mental health, Feeling Good, on iTunes and David Burn's website

team trainingVideo Course, "Optimal Health", for both body and mind.