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Stress Management

How This Course Works

This course is laid out with video lessons and additional handouts. You can download the handouts below. Any additional instructions, notes or comments are listed below in the tab "Additional Instructions"

Watch the videos above and download the handout below!

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Lesson List:

The lessons in this course are (to access each of these use the drop down menu in the above video window):

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problem – Cameron’s story
  3. ABC’s of Stress Management
  4. Major Modern Stressors
  5. Doing a Stress Test
  6. Acute vs Chronic Stress
  7. Stress Warning Signals
  8. Too Close to the Edge
  9. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Let it Sit
  10. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Thin the Soup
  11. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Stir the Soup
  12. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Play With the Soup
  13. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Nutritious Soup
  14. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Poison in the Soup
  15. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Give Thanks for the Soup
  16. 8 Ways to Manage stress – Eat It Slow & Enjoy It!
  17. 102 Ways to Reduce Stress
  18. What If You Ate the Soup TOO HOT Already
  19. Summary - Make It Real for You!
  20. BONUS - 2 hour original program