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How This Course Works

This course is laid out with video lessons and additional handouts. You can download the handouts below. Any additional instructions, notes or comments are listed below in the tab "Additional Instructions"

Updated Video - Lung Fomentations for COVID 19

This course is not to replace prescription medication or proper treatment of disease. Always talk to your doctor for medical advice.

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Lesson List:

The lessons in this course are (to access each of these use the drop down menu in the above video window):

  1. Introduction
  2. Blue Zones
  3. True Remedies
  4. The Best Remedy
  5. Faith Prayer & Love
  6. Heating Compress
  7. Digestion - A True Remedy
  8. Digestion Part 2 - Fiber
  9. Digestion Part 3 - Animal Products
  10. Digestion Part 4 - The Ideal Diet
  11. Digestion Part 5 - How We Eat Matters
  12. Charcoal & Charcoal Poultices
  13. More Digestive Remedies
  14. Exercise & Circulation
  15. Sleep Assessment

Extra instructions & Notes: