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Life Coaching & Integrative Approach

Integrative Approach That Works

I use TEAM-CBT an integrative, client-centered approach for life coaching. This integration of body and mind includes both cognitive behaviour tools plus concepts on prevention and recovery of disease from The Ministry of Healing, a book written over 100 years old STILL backed by modern science. It has been shown in research to improve the odds of longevity and reducing the risk of the top 5 killers in North America. It also works well for personal growth, health and wellness goals, developing coping skills, and exploring one's life purpose. My style does not work well with those looking for dream interpretation, new age philosophy of ying and yang, or those unwilling to put effort into the process.

To achieve this I address specific problems such as: diabetes, depression, anxiety, heart disease, relationship challenges, habits & addictions, loosing weight, moving past trauma, unmanaged stress, as well as the specific goals you have set. The research on blue zones proves the body and mind are interconnected and when we work on body as a whole we achieve faster more complete results.

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What does life coaching with Angela look like!

How long will this process take and what will it cost me? Every individual is unique, so it can take a few or many sessions. But most of my clients see some improvement in the first few weeks. If you don't see some kind of improvement in at least 3 sessions (not including consultation and intake), I'll give you your fourth session free. Often clients use the monthly or 12 week plan, which has some significant savings. Session pricing listed here. You can ask more about this during the consultation or intake.

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