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Developed by Dr. David Burns, MD adjunct professor at Stanford University, world renown psychiatrist, and best selling author. TEAM. is a cutting-edge, evidence based method for the treatment of depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, habits/addiction and more. It draws heavily on the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) adding many other tools including in a large part empathy (yes, empathy brings some healing) and the powerful effectiveness of agenda setting (making sure the client is ready for change). TEAM is being used by thousands of therapists and life coaches around the world because it is so effective.

  • T - Testing: Rapid, reliable session-by-session assessment of both symptoms and therapeutic relationship
  • E - Empathy: Accurate, compassionate understanding of your unique problem or situation
  • A - Agenda Setting: Pinpoint resistance, boost motivation, figure out what is getting in the way of change
  • M - Methods:  In TEAM we don't limit ourselves to one method. I use tools from over 12 modalities such as: cognitive & behavioral techniques from CBT, mindfulness techniques, interpersonal tools, psycho-dynamic, exposure techniques, and 50+ more. In fact, in TEAM any tool in psychology or life coaching can be used if deemed appropriate for a particular client. We want to find what works for YOU! (Note: not all methods are appropriate for life coaching or video sessions.)

Learn more about TEAM from Dr. Burns himself. Listen to FREE Podcasts here (start with the first couple then browse around).


  Why is TEAM-CBT effective?

When we get bogged down with one thing it has a ripple effect. Dealing with that one thing can unravel the self-defeating beliefs that get us stuck. TEAM works because it combines the best of several disciplines and doesn't limit itself to one modality of therapy and TEAM therapist's and life coaches are not afraid to fail. We start with CBT, but CBT can't cure everything! (learn more - listen to podcast here) So if those one tool fails we move on to try others that have been shown to be effective. There are three more reasons TEAM-CBT is effective:

First, it provides structure and focus which is vital for recovery and/or goal accomplishment.

Secondly, it allows for variety while getting specific.

Thirdly, we work together. Often we can’t see solutions, even if they are handed to us, until we process information by having a specific dialog with someone else that has experience in that area.

Coaching/therapy works because it gives you the focus to make specific goals that are real and attainable, it empowers you to accomplish those goals through education and skill development, all the while helping you work through the challenges that impede the success of goal attainment.

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