Higher Path

Life Coach, Clinical Counsellor, Trainer

  • Lasting results. Learn¬†coping skills for a lifetime!¬†
  • Feel understood. Warm, supportive space for ALL.
  • Tools that work! TEAM-CBT, CBT for insomnia & more.
  • Faith based for Christians.
  • Training for therapist's and life coaches.
  • Self-help courses and materials click here.

Discover practical ways to deal with feeling blah, excessive worry, social anxiety, relationship woes, habit struggles, or anger issues using video chat therapy or life coaching. Develop patience, have more happiness, and improve all types of relationships.

Intensive Programs - Fast paced, skill building for ongoing stress, feeling overwhelmed, feelings of inadequacy and more.

Book a free 20 minute consultation to see if working with me is right for you. Learn more here.

Tools that Help!

Excessive worry, depression, and stress can be reduced, even eliminated, regardless of how you got there but it does require some effort. Working on recovery is collaborative so expect to purchase reading materials and commit to doing homework before we meet and in between sessions..

FREE & Low Cost Resources peace Training for Therapist's & Coaches Joy Info for 7th day Adventists