Standard & Discounted Rates:

The 15 minute consultation is free of charge. The intake session is $75 cnd for 60-90 minutes. And my standard session rate is $120 cnd (as recommended by the BC Counselling Association) for standard 50 minutes session, and $216 (20% off) for a double session. I do have discounts for low income, weekly, and monthly plans, see below. The price has been carefully considered based on:

  • Therapists/life coaches work far past the scheduled session time. To help reach your therapy and coaching goals, we put far more time in than the time we see you in a session. There is paper work, research, prep for sessions, office work, continuing education, and supervision. In my practice I spend about 3x more time working in the interested of my clients than working with them. In other words, I estimate for every hour I spend with you, I spend another 3 hours on afore mentioned items.
  • As with any business there are overhead costs: licensing fees, administration, insurance, supervision fees, rent, software, office expenses, etc.  

It is not in my nature to turn anyone away if they are truly motivated to change and really need help.  I do offer discounted rates for those experiencing financial difficulties to a LIMITED number of clients.  This service is limited to a set number of clients per week, so if that option is not showing on the booking page all slots have been filled, please email me to be put on the waiting list.  

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Weekly Life Coaching Plan:

12 weeks - Full package includes 12 sessions, online video chat, which are 45-60 minutes in length, and emails as needed. We meet weekly for the first 8 weeks, then monthly for 2 months, then a final follow up session 3 months after. Cost for the entire program: 12 sessions, plus full access to 12 of our other programs,  is valued at over $2000 - Package rate, less than half price, at only $995. Learn more here.


Monthly Plan:

Monthly rate for weekly sessions, life coaching or counselling, plus subscription to Body Mind Health Coach website - $395 per month. It is NOT listed on our booking link - click here to order.