Overview of My Approach

See my coaching and counselling page. In all my work I use the integrative body and mind principles/philosophies from the book, the Ministry of Healing, written over 100 years ago which can be applied to almost all different faiths and is backed by modern science.

How does it work? We do a quick consultation to see if we are right for each other, followed by a 60-90 minute intake session which goes over your current issue/goals and a detailed history. After the intake we work together each week to solidify your goals and define a treatment/solutions that work for you using the techniques and methods below. And No, you don't need a couch and it's not mandatory to work on past childhood issues. This is a proactive approach guiding you into skill development. I don't see you as broken and needing to be fixed, but rather lacking skills or support in a particular area. I aim to help you as quickly as possible and not have you dependent on me for future success..

T.E.A.M. Model

Developed by Dr. David Burns, MD at Stanford University. T.E.A.M. is a cutting-edge, evidence based method for the treatment of depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, habits/addiction and more. It draws heavily on the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) adding the warmth of empathy and the powerful effectiveness of agenda setting (making sure the client is ready for change). This approach focuses on rapid change to bring about the results you desire in a safe environment. T.E.A.M. is being used by hundreds of therapists, and even several life coaches, around the world because it has been proven more effective than other models using tools that work from any modality of therapy. 

  • T - testing: Rapid, reliable session-by-session assessment of both symptoms and therapeutic relationship
  • E - empathy: Accurate, compassionate understanding of your unique problem or situation
  • A - agenda Setting: Pinpoint resistance, boost motivation, figure out what is getting in the way of change
  • M - Methods: cognitive techniques, behavioral, interpersonal tools, psycho-dynamic, exposure techniques, and 50+ more including ANY of those listed below including the life coaching tools. In fact, in T.E.A.M. any tool in psychology can be used. (Note: not all methods are appropriate for life coaching or video sessions.)

Life Coaching Tools

  • empathic listening
  • clarifying questioning
  • life and mood inventory worksheets
  • SMART goals
  • nutritional and other life style consulting (exercise, sleep, etc.) from the book "The Ministry of Healing" see below.
  • worksheets for specific goals i.e. time management, cost/benefit analysis, priority wheel, and hundreds more
  • bibliotherapy (books and other education)
  • accountability tools

More about life coaching on our Coaching & Counselling page.

Integrative Approach

The mind and body are interconnected and many things we experience affect both. The book "The Ministry of Healing" was written over 100 years ago, but unlike the quacks of the past, the concepts of this book are relevant and scientific. Well before her time, Ellen White, the author wrote about health and wellness that is constantly being proven in scientific journals. Concepts like exercise to prevent disease, volunteer work for longevity, plant based diet, and much more. For a free copy of this book download it here. I also have a free video course on health and wellness showing the scientific evidence for these concepts "Optimal Health - Have a Long & Happy Life" on my Body Mind Health Coach website.

Non-Judgmental Faith-Based

You may choose just T.E.A.M or add the spiritual component or other tools offered in our sessions.  I'll warn you, happiness often is a spiritual journey, albeit not necessarily a religious one. Regardless of what I believe, our sessions together will be about YOU and I will not push my point of view. While I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I believe religious freedom is a fundamental principle of free will and thus I will not coerce anyone since that is not how God operates and neither do I. Some of you maybe struggling with why your faith is not fixing your pain, or maybe your faith is causing you distress due to expectations. if you want to talk to someone who understands faith and won't trying to convince you to give up God, you've come to the right place. 


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