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If you have any questions about my style of therapy after reading about my methods, please feel free to email me. However, I can NOT provide any advice or counseling over email. Keep in mind email is not the most secure form of communication. It's best if you book a FREE 15 minute consultation, you can do that here.


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Angela Poch
Higher Path - Body Mind Health
3996 Galloway Frtg Rd
Galloway BC V0B 1T2

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If at any time you need to book a session, reschedule a session (within 24 hours), or see your booking day or time, log in to your account here:



Where is your phone number, why can't I just call you? Some many be frustrated they can't pick up the phone to chat with me, and I understand that might be easiest for you. Unfortunately my days are planned well in advance and it can be really difficult for me to answer the phone. In addition, using the 15 minute free consultation link gets you used to the process we use for our sessions so you can see how it all works without spending any money. If you really need to speak to me you can see if I'm available or leave a message here (email will get a faster response than leaving a voicemail): 1-877-597-3883