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Hello, I'm Hi, I'm Angela Poch, CLC, CN, dip. APC (Diploma in Applied Psychology & Counselling) and I am a Certified Master Life Coach (certificates in: health & nutrition, CBT, relationships, happiness & life purpose), Certified Nutritionist, TEAM-CBT Counsellor & Faith-based Therapist. I've been trained in stress management, grief recovery, depression & anxiety, plant-based nutrition, and Spiritual Faith-based Therapy. I work with individuals who are functioning, or barely functioning, and want more out of life and desire to deal with issues such as negative emotions, poor relationships, bad habits, or personal growth.

While I come from a faith-based approach, it is also integrative and non-judgmental. I have friends from all walks of life and I love them all. They've all touch my heart and life in some way.  From different religions to various lifestyles - lesbians, gays, straight, bikers, vegans, carnivores, Adventist's (yup that's a lifestyle too); and different occupations - truck drivers, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, cooks, housewives, accountants, garbage collectors, home support workers, social workers, painters, general labors, and so many more.

Many of us do NOT fit into any particular mold and I'm no different.  I'm a tom boy who doesn't fit many "female gender" norms, I'm a Christian who loves science, I'm analytical but compassionate, I have a vegan heart but leather seats in my car. So if anyone understands we are unique, and even dichotomous (having two sides), it's me!  I'll do my best to make you feel safe to share whatever is on your mind. We all need someone we can talk openly to so we can process conflicts between what we want and what we do or feel.

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More about me.

My journey to becoming a life coach and counsellor as a career started a couple decades ago, when I started researching health and wellness due to my own health. I battle with IBS and a friend directed me to book called the Ministry of Healing. This book has an integrative approach to health it really focuses a lot on mental wellness but also diet exercise for sharing those kind of lifestyle principles. Following that book really improved my health tremendously and started me on the path to becoming a nutritionist in 2007. I even did some cooking shows on a TV network called 3ABN.

As I embraced the plant food diet, and other lifestyle choices, and started teaching others about it, I noticed many of who follow this plan often neglected the most talked about and most important part of the book. In fact about 75% of the book. And that part is our mental health. The mind is extremely powerful and more more research is proving this. If you’d like to learn more, I recommend the book “When your body says no” by Dr. Gabor Mate. In any case, I pursued learning more about health. I learned about TEAM therapy and Dr. David Burns through Dr. Neil Nedley's depression recovery program. Dr. Nedley's program is great for an integrative wellness approach, but I still wanted to learn more. To be able to help those who have very specific issues.

So I’ve added to my education by taking my diploma and applied psychology and counselling graduating December 2018. I really feel there is a need for qualified counsellors and life coaches who can guide people to greater emotional stability and mental wellness through the integrative approach that is supported by the Bible and science. That’s my goal to reach people who are struggling, that want to work with someone who understands the Adventist perspective, but also for those who are not Adventist so whoever you are, I'd love to meet you!.

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Angela Poch, CLC, CN, Dip. APC (Diploma in Applied Psychology & Counselling)